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Slot Machine

There are a variety of slot machines in casinos although all of them look similar with flashing lights, coin slots and of course a handle. These slot machines however do not contain information that helps players to understand the game.

As every machine is different from one and another, players are advised to read the payout schedule on the machine before playing. The information on the schedule will inform players on the coin denomination that is required. Some players do not realize that most machines only accept a dollar coin. Read the machine information schedule to understand how to machine works before playing.

Below are several types of machines that care typically found in casinos.

Multiplier: This machine will show payouts for certain symbol on the slots. The number of coins released as a reward will depend on the coins inserted. For example, if the machine pays five coins for three hearts, players will obtain ten coins if two coins are inserted. Do take note that the machine does not charge any penalty for placing in maximum coins but it is always a risk to place them all in a single game.

Bonus multiplier: A bonus multiplier machine works in a similar manner like a multiplier machine. The concepts for both machines are similar except that this machine offers a bonus when players insert maximum coins and hit a jackpot. Players need to decide if a bonus is worth paying for extra coins.

Buy a Pay: Many players do not understand the concept of this machine. For this machine, each coin inserted will activate a different payout depending on luck. To receive a maximum payout, players need to obtain the largest jackpot.

Multiple pay line: A multiple pay line machine has more than a single pay line. When a coin is inserted, a particular pay line is activated. Players that hit on other pay lines instead of the activated pay line will not obtain anything in return. Thus the probability of hitting the right target is relatively low. Some machines have a minimum of three lines while others have video slots and up to nine lines.

Progressive slots: A progressive slot machines works on a concept of payout based on percentage of coins inserted. If players obtain a jackpot, they will be rewarded extra. Progressive slots machines are often linked with mini jackpots machine.

Do remember to take your time to read the information posted on the front of the machine before playing. This will enable you to understand the concept of the game better and choose a machine that suits with your game style.

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