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Bingo along with being a gaming sensation has now become a sports sensation as well! Online gaming Bingo Company Tombola Bingo has signed a million pounds deal with the Sunderland AFC Football club. This is a major plunge by the Bingo gaming company as it is an absolutely market oriented commercial company.

Phil Cronin the Chief Executive of Tombola firmly believes that sponsoring this particular football club is a very healthy and beneficial decision taken by him. Since Tombola has one of their branches located at Sunderland itself, the entire process should be pretty easy and uncomplicated for them. He is very much impressed with the work of AFC football club chairman Niall and the team. Cronin looks after the Bingo gaming business while his brother looks after their printing business. Niall considers this to be a very good opportunity for the team and the club. It will give him a chance to promote his club, better. The company headquarters at Sunderland being an additional incentive.

The commercial and marketing head of the club Lesley Callaghan obviously regards this to be a fantastic opportunity for the club as being sponsored by a globally recognized organization like Tombola gives their club the inclination and push they need. It introduces their company to a wider mass of population. Hence, obviously broadens their mass appeal aspect. On the other hand it will be beneficial for the company to realize their goals and objectives in a better and justified way. It will make the road to success and fame easier for the company as well as the club. By taking this certain decision Tombola also gets included in the list of the other Online Bingo companies sponsoring football clubs like West Ham United, Bolton Wanderers, Wigan Athletic and many more. A negative side to be considered about this decision is the non-uniformity of the number of audiences who may turn up to play the game.

Simply by collaborating with a football company Tombola can't necessarily experience a major shift in the demographic of online Bingo. Trying to aim at that share of an audience who may actually want to play Bingo is what they should plan for. This certain collaboration may not be the ultimate solution. On the other hand football also loses the mass appeal it used to have at once. The attention of the viewers gets diverted.

Another debate doing the rounds is that whether the football kit for children will bear the logo, because Tombola almost being equivalent to a gambling activity may not be suitable for the juvenile crowd. Tombola also owns another game called Sun Bingo and has a reputation of recruiting as much as 130 people.

This certain decision is the new phase of business in our country. It highlights the idea of diversification in investment and the code to appealing to a wider population. It is the way to fame and recognition for an organization.

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