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The answer to this question will vary depending on the individual to whom you are directing this question. For instance if you were to ask a seasoned online gambler this question, the answer would most probably be a resounding "Yes". Why, well seeing as the individual in question is a seasoned gambler that in itself tells you that he/she believes in gambling and most probably have been playing online gambling games for quite some time, and have acquired some personal experience and knowledge of how online gambling games can work in ones favor or perhaps not.

The truth is gambling on the whole whether it be at an online casino, or gambling at a brick and mortar casino, depends a lot on chance and luck. Surely you have experienced one of those days when everything just seemed to be running smoothly, from the moment you got out of bed that morning until you hit the sack at night. The alarm went off on time, so you were early for work the kids were dressed on time, traffic was very light, and stuff like that. Well my dear friend that is what you might call a lucky day when nothing seems as though it can go wrong.

This would be the ideal day to seize the moment and logon to one of those online casinos and start making some money, your luck is in, so how can you lose. A seasoned gambler would have been able to read the signs and go with his gut instincts and perhaps even hit the jackpot at one of those online casinos. Now that is what is called having a lucky day, an opportune time to try your skills at those online gambling games. Actually many seasoned gamblers would not logon to an online casino game unless he/she was having a great day like this one.

On the other hand if you experience a day where everything is going wrong from the moment you open your eyes to the time you rest your head on your pillow, take heed that this is not a good day to contemplate any sort of gambling, be it online or offline. You can bet your bottom dollar that you won't stand a chance of getting rich at playing any online gambling games. Stay low on days like these and wait for a more favorable day to come your way before considering any type of gambling activity.

And so my dear friends the truth is it is certainly possible for one to get rich and become the next online gambling millionaire but of course he/she would certainly need to have lady luck on his/her side. Hope that next online millionaire will be you, good luck!

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